School Safety Protocols

In the event of a school emergency you will receive direct contact from the school.  This will take place using email, text, and or phone calls.  As time allows, Edsby will also be updated.  Our school has an Emergency Response Plan that follows Northern Lights School Division #113 guidelines. 

Safety protocols are put into practice to ensure student safety.

The first type of protocol is called a Hold and Secure protocol. A Hold and Secure is initiated by RCMP or school administration when there is a potential threat to student safety off school grounds. For example, RCMP may require a school to initiate a Hold and Secure if there is RCMP activity in a nearby neighborhood.

During a Hold and Secure, students and staff are brought inside the building and all exterior doors are locked. School activities are allowed to proceed as normal inside the school.

The front door of the school is manned by a school administrator, designated staff member, or a RCMP officer during the Hold and Secure. Unless otherwise directed, parents and visitors will not be allowed on the premises until the protocol is lifted. Depending on the circumstance, a Hold and Secure may last anywhere from a few minutes to several hours. If the protocol extends beyond the end of the school day, parents will receive communication regarding pick up accommodations and any disrupted bus schedules.

Lockdown with Cover is initiated if there is a direct threat to student safety within the school. All students, staff and approved visitors will move to the nearest room and lock the door.

All classroom activities are halted, and students and staff will take cover in an area of the room that is least visible from the door and exterior windows. Everyone will remain absolutely quiet during a Lockdown with Cover.

This protocol is initiated as quickly as possible when law enforcement or school administration perceive a direct threat to students and staff, such as a burglary or an individual looking to cause harm. Emergency personnel will knock and announce themselves before unlocking and opening classroom doors. It is very important that all cellphone communication cease during a Lockdown with Cover.

Communication during emergency situations will occur as quickly as possible. The school’s phone system will be put into operation, and Northern Lights School Division #113 social media (Edsby) accounts will provide updates on the situation as it unfolds. Please remember that information will not be relayed until all students are safely accounted for and all information is accurate.

Please make sure your contact information is up to date with your school. Let the front office staff know if you change your email address, cellphone number or home phone number. Automated messaging systems pull contact information provided by parents and students.

All staff members are trained on emergency procedures. If you have questions about certain safety protocols at your school, please contact our principal directly. For security reasons, we do not give out details of what procedures we follow in every crisis situation. However, Northern Lights School Division and individual schools regularly review emergency procedures to stay prepared for crisis situations.