Pre-Cam’s Mission

School Mission Statement

Pre-Cam Community School


To empower our children in a welcoming community filled with rich cultural and educational experiences.


The students at Pre-Cam Community School will experience mitho-pimatisowin (The Good Life)
supported by positive relationships being built in an environment where all are respected,
valued, and accepted.

  • Pre-Cam is safe and welcoming
  • Classroom instructional time is valued with minimal interruptions
  • Ongoing professional development and life-long learning is fostered, so that outcome oriented instruction is student-focused, inclusive, relevant, and meaningful
  • Students’ physical, emotional, social, spiritual, mental, and academic needs are equally cared for and nurtured
  • Student progress is recognized and celebrated
  • Staff, parents, and community members work together towards the common goal of every student succeeding
  • Every student becomes a contributing citizen and lifelong learner
  • Students and staff meet each day with optimism and positivity
  • Students, staff, and community are responsible, respectful, safe, and kind (The 4B’s)
  • We are committed to being good stewards of Mother Earth