Online Supports


Pre-Cam Online learning is no longer being offered at this time. If there is a need to return to remote learning, we will be ready to offer online support when it is required. If you wish to register your child at Pre-Cam, it will need to be in person learning. If you are wishing to do remote learning (from home), please contact the Ed. Center Online School.

Thank you for your understanding!

Level 2-3: Online Learning Options

This was designed for families who are unable to send their child to school.

We understand that this is a difficult time for parents, who have had to make a tough decision between the safety of their child and family, and their child’s education. As of September 2020, it is expected that all children receive an education – to accommodate every family, we are now offering multiple options to attend Pre-Cam School. Please choose the option that works best for you, we look forward to re-engaging with your child!

What is Pre-Cam Online Learning?

What Are My Options for My Child’s Education?

There are 2 options at Pre-Cam Community School
  • Option 1: Attend the Pre-Cam School with a class and a teacher.
    • Small class sizes, cohorting, masking, and in person learning is the best way to get an education.
    • Access to support staff, learning materials.
  • Option 2: Attend Pre-Cam Online Learning Sessions (This option is no longer offered)
    • Access to a dedicated Pre-Cam teacher with live on camera lessons twice daily.
      • Attendance will be taken, just as it is in school.
    • Personalized experience, ability to speak with other online classmates through Microsoft Teams.
    • Access to a school Chromebook (which will be set up and delivered to you)
    • Access to the “Pre-Cam Geek Squad” a service that will help you troubleshoot at home, or by appointment, an opportunity for you to bring your device to the school to get back on track.
    • Home Wifi/Internet access is required to register online.
    • You have the option to send your child back to school with a maximum 1 week turnaround.
Here are 2 other options to consider
  • Option 3: Attend Ed. Center Online School (Not Pre-Cam)
    • Your child will no longer be registered/connected to Pre-Cam
    • Homework packages need to be picked up and delivered back to the Ed. Center
    • Access to a support teacher for assistance and grading.
    • Intensive parental support is required for the program to be successful.
    • You have a maximum 30 day turnaround to register for the Ed. Center.
  • Option 4: Home School
    • This requires you to offer your own education for your child.
    • You will need to consult with NLSD#113.

Who Is It For?

  • We currently offer 3 online learning classes:
    • Kindergarten: Mrs. Cross
    • Grades 1-2: Ms. Zarazun
    • Grades 3-4: Ms. Dreaver
  • Grade 5 & 6 Students will need to register with the Ed. Center Online School as we currently do not offer online services for Pre-Cam students at this time.
    • Contact: 1-844-425-8946
    • Grades K-3 ext. 7 (Doug Preikschat)
    • Grades 4-6 ext. 8 (Daniel Smith)

How do I register for Pre-Cam Online Learning?

  • Contact Joel Stange or Ryan Kuppenbender
    • 306-425-2226
    • We will connect you with your online teacher.