Our Staff

Our staff is committed to providing a positive school climate where every student can learn and achieve success in school.

To email any staff member, simply type in their first and last name, followed by @nlsd113.ca. For example: firstlast@nlsd113.ca

Below is our staff for the 2023-2024 School Year

StaffAssignmentRoom #
Ryan KuppenbenderPrincipalOffice
Joel StangeVice PrincipalOffice
Abby Cook/Connie HaugenCree K/English K2
Jarica SmithPre-K3
Katherine HaugrudGrade One4
Katrine TendidoGrades One/Two7
Jamie BradfieldGrade Two8
Connie Haugen/Abby CookEnglish Grade 1/Cree Grade 19
Marla FitzpatrickInstructional Support Teacher10
Melissa CrossGrade Three11
Sherrilee VossGrades Three12
Felicia MaurerGrade Four16
Stacy SchertzingGrade Four17
Meaghan FordGrade Five18
Amanda HicksGrade Five19
Jason SmithItinerant Sub 
Jared RichardsGrade Six21
Katherine Daniels-BenderFrench Math/Fr Kindergarten1
Laura KingstonGrade Two French5
Kaila LarsonGrade One French6
Betty DunningGrade Three French13
Julie DesmaraisGrades Four/Five French15
Megan SpenceGrades Five/Six French22
Janet WarkentinStudent ServicesStudent Services
Trudy-Ann BrownStudent ServicesStudent Services
Lori HoweStudent ServicesStudent Services
Barbara CharlesCree Language & Culture14
Christopher JollyPhysical EducationGym
Melanie PottsArts Ed.Arts Ed. Room
Kelsi WardPre-KPre-K Portable
Juliet GundayaPre-K TAPre-K Portable
Deborah WilliamsEducational Assistant (SLP) 
Kandi BoyesEducational Assistant (SLP) 
Sherry JacobsenEducational Assistant 
Leo DelaneyEducational Assistant 
Damaris Bran OrantesEducational Assistant 
Maika RemorozaEducational Assistant 
Anna TusoyEducational Assistant 
Tammam AlshoofiEducational Assistant 
Vince ChuaEducational Assistant 
Joy ChuaEducational Assistant 
Gladis CairoEducational Assistant 
Akaela EbachEducational Assistant 
Barb MoberlyEducational Assistant 
Reagan Charles-IsbisterEducational Assistant 
Acelyne DurocherEducational Assistant (ELIS) 
Jojie BalilaPre-K TA3
Chandler GrantEducational Assistant 
Ernestine SkullEducational Assistant 
Jennifer ChengTeacher Assistant 
Mary Jane PolidoTeacher Assistant 
Pinky RoscoTeacher Assistant 
Bryce HerpergerLand, Language, & Culture Coordinator 
Chris TkatchNutrition Coordinator 
Nikki BeaudinLibrary Clerk 
Mattea KoebernickSchool Counsellor 
Claudette AndersonStudent Support Worker 
Megan HeyhurstSchool Admin Assistant 
Michelle PowderSecretary 
Mark GauthierKnowledge Keeper 
Jerzy DziakMaintenance / Custodian 
Ian EpaCustodian 
Romelo OrolaCustodian 
Ryan NielsenCustodian