Level 3 Plan

Level 3 – Reduced in-class learning (established cohorts with hybrid learning, students attend half days)

Hello Pre-Cam Families.
We will be transitioning to our Level 3 Covid-19 plan. Below are the details regarding our plan.

Student cohorts will be as follows:
Cohorts (last name A-L) – morning(Jan. 18-22); afternoon(Jan. 25-29)
Cohorts (last names M-Z) – afternoon(Jan. 18-22); morning(Jan. 25-29)
Grades 1-6 Schedule
8:54am – Start
11:57am – End
12:47pm – Start
3:50pm – End
Pre-K and Kindergarten Schedule:
No changes to schedule, will follow normal school class start and end times, because already in half days.
If there are siblings in other classes(Gr. 1-6) that the schedule has been affected, arrangements may be made.
Making Special Scheduling Arrangements:
Classroom teachers may contact you to balance the cohorts. You may request a change to your child’s cohort schedule and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Busing Arrangements/Schedule:
Busing for Special Needs
Students who utilize the special needs bus will attend school in the mornings
Busing for Pre-K and Kindergarten
Busing schedule will remain the same for Pre-K and Kindergarten.
Busing for Gr. 1-6
Below are the listed bus routes for Pre-Cam Community School with pick up and drop off times for morning and afternoon.
For any questions, please contact Northwinds Bus Lines at (306)425-2629. If you call goes to voicemail, please leave us a message as our calling traffic will be high.
Find your child’s bus route number and their pick up and drop off times:

Pre-Cam Online Learning(during Level 3)
We will continue to offer Kindergarten-Grade 4 online learning options for students who are not yet ready to come to the school in person.
Click here for more information regarding online options or if you would like to learn how to sign up.