About Us

Pre-Cam Community School is in the community of La Ronge, Saskatchewan situated on Lac La Ronge.  The Town of La Ronge and its surrounding area have a population base of approximately 6500 people. We are the largest northern community and we are located in some of the most scenic geography (lakes, trees and forests) in the province, two and a half hours north of Prince Albert.

We have about 470 students enrolled in our school, offering Pre-Kindergarten to Grade 6. We are proud to be a tri-lingual school which offers both French & Cree immersion programs, as well as English classes. Our Cree Immersion program is building each year, with the first cohort now moving into Grade 1 Cree Immersion.

We have a staff of about 65, half are teachers and the other half are support staff which serve the diverse needs in our school. We have a strong student services department to support both regular classroom instruction as well as individualized supports. Pre-Cam also boasts a nutrition program which offers daily morning snack, and is capable of offering emergency breakfast and lunch when needed. Furthermore, we have a dental therapist, school Elder, school librarian, school counsellor, and a Cree land & language coordinator.

Pre-Cam offers each student three specialized classes in arts education, physical education, and Cree language instruction; all offered by skilled instructors in the field. There is a long list of extra-curricular activities offered in the school throughout the school year for students to enjoy.

Finally, Pre-Cam values it's community. We work hard to bring parents, local knowledge keepers and Elders into the school to support your child. Staff are involved in many exciting volunteer events and organizations in the tri-community area. As a school, we strive to involve our students in large community events which celebrate art, culture, and sport.