self-Isolation and tracking

When there is a positive Covid-19 case identified in your child’s classroom, refer to the following documents shared from the Office of the Medical Health Officer.

For families who are in self-isolation, please review these summarized instructions:
  • If your child has Covid-19, they must self-isolate at home for 14 days (or as advised by the MHO)
  • If your child was a close contact, they can continue to come to school, daycare, and use the bus.
    • The school has measures in place for classrooms that need to self-isolate from the rest of the school.
      • please remind your child about the importance of masking, physical distancing, and washing/sanitizing their hands regularly.
    • During this self-isolation period, students are not to be out in the community shopping, playing with friends, going to the park, attend sport events, extra-curricular, etc. They can only attend school, daycare, or ride the bus.
    • If symptoms develop at any time, the child must stay home and should get tested (call 811).
  • If one child in your family is Covid-19 positive, and the other is not, that child may attend school.