School Programs

Pre-Cam Community School offers a pre-kindergarten to grade six program.  We have a dual track school, providing an English and a French Immersion program. Our students also receive instruction in Cree Language and Culture, Physical Education and Arts Education. For our Pre-K program, one is located at Pre-Cam and one program is located at Kikinahk Friendship Centre in partnership with their Aboriginal Head Start Program. We have a short description of each additional program we offer at our school below:

Cree Language & Culture Program
Our students participate in Cree satellite classes 2 periods in a 6 day cycle. Our Cree Language & Culture program includes learning Cree words and language and learning the First Nations and Metis culture and way of life.
We invite local Elders and resource people to share stories as well as the history, culture and way of life with our students. We also participate in local cultural events in the community and organize others for our students at school.
Below is a mural painting that our students helped to create with a well known artist, Kevin Pee-Ace, from Saskatchewan. The mural on the left is located in the main entrance and helps to welcome our visitors to our school.

Physical Education Program
Our students participate in Phys Ed satellite classes 2 periods in a 6 day cycle that includes activities in the gym and learning the fundamentals of sport.
We also organize extracurricular sports, outdoor education and additional class in-motion activities that are planned in partnership with our community school coordinator.

Arts Education Program
Our students participate in Arts Ed satellite classes 2 periods in a 6 day cycle that includes all strands of the arts: drama, dance, music and the visual arts.
Every other year we host an Arts Exhibit and Showcase at our school to showcase our students' talents in the arts. We also organize arts performances with the help of our community school coordinator and various community and provincial partnerships such as OSAC.

School Library & STEM Program

Our students participate in STEM activities in the library 1 period in a six day cycle.  Classroom teachers use various STEM kits to help teach science, tech, engineering and math concepts and ideas.
Our students participate in library skills 1 period in a six day cycle where they can sign out books to read in their classroom or take home to read for the week.

Special Education Program

Our special education team along with our educational assistants work with our special education students in the classroom and in our recently added special education rooms and spaces to help support these students.  We have a number of rooms and spaces where our educational assistants can take them to teach, calm and support them in their day.

School Counselor/Student Support Worker
Our school counselor and our student support worker team together to provide a liaison between home and school and are available to assist parents with their concerns. Our school counselor works with students that need extra support with school and home related issues.

Nutrition/Community School Program
We have a nutrition program coordinator that helps to provide nutritional snacks and emergency meals for our students. Our students receive a healthy snack every day and emergency meals if needed.
Our community school coordinator coordinates additional learning opportunities for our students, their classes and their families. These include family nights, additional classroom opportunities at school and in our community and extracurricular activities.

Children's Dental Program (temporarily unavailable)
Saskatchewan Health Authority Children’s Dental Program offers preventive and restorative services for school age children. Services included are exams, fillings, simple extractions, stainless steel crowns, sealants, and fluoride varnish. Contact Amy(Dental Therapist) or Margaret(Dental Assistant) at 306-425-8590 for more information!

Pre-Cam Dental Office/Room