School Community Council


  • To foster channels of communication between parents, students, teachers, and community members through active involvement in discussions influencing the learning program of Pre-Cam Community School.
  • To provide a forum at which ideas related to the education process can be presented, information can be shared, and the Community School Council members can provide feedback or initiate plans of actions relating to: school policy, school practices, school philosophy, curriculum offerings and community involvement.

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2020-21 SCC Members

Elected Members
Chair: Julie Andrews
Vice Chairperson: Sarah Mekawy
Secretary: Genevieve Candelora
Treasurer: Kristy Todd
French Parent Rep: Jody Wilson

Appointed Members
LLRIB Representative: Ron Ratte
Community School Coordinator: Bryce Herperger
Teacher: Lori Howe
Principal: Ryan Kuppenbender

NLSD & School Board Reps
Area Board Member: Morris Cook
Superintendent: Meghan Beaven

Meeting Minutes:

September(AGM) –