Student Registration


Please come into Pre-Cam School's office to collect a registration form.

Our school has three language streams: Cree Immersion, French Immersion, and the English stream. Parents who wish to register their children in Cree or French Immersion in grade 2 or above will need to discuss this option with the school principal. 

As we are a tri-community (La Ronge, Air Ronge, and Lac La Ronge Indian Band), we have a tuition agreement between the three schools which assists parents in determining which school they can register their child into. If you live in any of the three communities and wish to register your child for Pre-Cam's Cree or French Immersion, you may contact the principal to discuss this option as it is available to the Tri-Community. If you wish to register your child in the Pre-Cam English stream but live outside of the La Ronge municipal borders, you will need to register your child at either Gordon Denny Community School (Air Ronge), Bells Point Elementary School (Pre-K- Grade 4; LLRIB), or Senator Myles Venne School (Gr. 5-12; LLRIB).

Once we have received a completed paper copy of the registration form, we typically require at least one full school day to notify the new teacher and make the necessary arrangements before they can begin. 

Kindergarten Note: Once your child has completed Pre-Kindergarten, their classroom teacher will give you the first page of the Kindergarten registration form to complete. You will need to choose which language stream (Cree, French, or English); and attending either in the morning or the afternoon (half days).

Determining the Appropriate Grade Level for Your Child at Pre-Cam (K-6)

To help you make the right decision about which grade level your child should be in, we've put together this guide tailored to our K-6 school structure with a specific enrollment cutoff date.

Kindergarten Enrollment Cutoff Date:  The enrollment cutoff date is between September 1st and January 15th. Only those children who are five (5) years of age during the enrollment year and extending to January 15th of the following year will be admitted. This means that to determine your child's grade level, you should consider their age on or before this date.

It is a good idea to review AP300 Kindergarten Entrance Age - Early Entrance to learn about registering your child into our Pre-K, kindergarten, and Grade 1-6 programming:

Birth Years and Grade Levels for 2024-2025 School Year 

Grade Level

Average Age

Birthday Guideline

Early Entry Pre-K (half days only)

Refer to AP300 shared above


September 1, 2021 – January 15, 2022

Pre-Kindergarten (half days only)



Kindergarten (half days only)

Cree, English, or French options


September 1, 2019 - January 15, 2018

Grade 1

Cree, English, or French options



Grade 2

Cree, English, or French options



Grade 3

English or French Immersion



Grade 4

English or French Immersion

9 2015

Grade 5

English or French Immersion



Grade 6

English or French Immersion


2013 - January 15, 2012

Grade 7

Register at CCHS or SMVS



A Note for LLRIB Students:

If your child is already registered at Pre-Cam, a list of students who are Treaty has already been sent to LLRIB. Any newly registered students for this year who are Treaty, will need to request a letter when they register. 

Downloadable Registration Forms:

You can try to download then complete the form online by clicking on the links below. Please fill out editable forms listed below and return a paper copy to Pre-Cam Community School.

All forms need to be completed before we accept each registration!
Please return your form as a paper copy to the school's front desk.