Covid-19 Rapid Tests Available

Good day Pre-Cam parents and guardians. The province has provided us with a limited number of Covid 19, rapid test kits to give out to families with children that are 11 years or younger. We understand that we have more families than available kits and are trying to do this in the most equitable way possible. We will be providing kits to our most vulnerable children’s families first and from there, we will be handing out two or three kits per classroom depending on student numbers. If you have more than one child in the school, families will receive only one kit. We will be handing these out starting at 2:00 on Tuesday, October 19th. We will be doing this on a first come first served basis. We apologize in advance to those families who do not receive a kit. For pick-up, we will have a table set up near the parking lot by the gym. Please make sure that you are wearing a mask and adhere to the social distancing protocols. You must know your child’s classroom teacher’s name or classroom number to receive a kit. Thanks so much for your cooperation.

R. Kuppenbender