Bear Sighting: End of the Day Plans for Students

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Good afternoon parents/guardians. A bear has been sighted by community members. It is potentially in the bush between Pre-Cam, Churchill School, and the town fire hall. We are on high alert for the bear and will continue to monitor the situation. Fortunately our school grounds have a great perimeter fence and we will ensure that students do not leave their playground zones during recess time. We have supervisors who have been instructed to keep an eye out and notify the office. If the bear is sighted, we would go into a hold and secure.

Here is our plan for the end of the day:

  1. Classroom teachers will brief students who walk home with the following details:
  • Children should walk together in groups on their way home.
  • Children will be reminded to go straight home after school.
  • Children should walk on sidewalks only.
  • Children should stay out of the bush, using busy roads are most preferred.

2. If you are uncomfortable with having your child walk home and wish to pick them up instead, please notify the office and we will contact your child’s teacher. You can pick your child up at the top of the hill by the big rock.


Thank you for your cooperation!